Managed Service

Managed service means to build IT system through hardware, software, license, and etc., and monthly pays fixed fees.
It does not require huge amount of initial costs,
but customers have advantages to select the necessary services only and build the system in a short period of time and use it immediately.

KT Managed Service

  • Provides integrated consulting for various customer environment

    • Green PC + Server + Network + Wireless LAN + IP~PBX + Security
  • Suggest suitable purchase method for business environment

    • Rental

      To pay initial installment fee
      on monthly lease
    • Build

      To pay initial installment fee
      at once
    • ASP

      To build core equipment by KT and pay a monthly fee
  • Rapid disorder handling with remote assistance

    • KT, specialized group/technical human resources provides systematic management services
  • Stable & nationwide on-site maintenance

    • Rapid & accurate disorder handling based on nationwide on-site A/S system
  • Olleh KT line expertise proposal

    • - The nation top quality Kornet service
    • - Ddos/Dos Cleanzone service
    • - Line condition analysis system
  • WITHNETWORKS know-how, the official partner of KT security supplier

    • - 24 hour KT control service
    • - Best & lowest proposal for first class market share product
    • - Standard proposal based on know-how from over 5,000 customers

KT Managed Network Service

Provide customized infrastructure design by combining services that can only be provided by KT, based on proven products from domestic and foreign manufacturers

  • Accurately analyze customer environment

    Network design based on requirements

    Proposal of a suitable solution based on cost

  • Consultation(Design)

    Design from the customer’s perspective at reasonable cost
  • Installment

    Provide 100% of proposal through consultation
  • Maintenance

    KT provides quick and accurate maintenance anywhere in the country
  • Support

    Customer network monitoring and operational support through remote support

KT Managed Wireless LAN Service

Provide stable network operation environment by combining network equipment leasing/sales service that can support various customer’s infrastructure and nationwide maintenance support service.